Cotton and Velvet Cutwork

This is a very satisfying technique which produces some lovely effects. The cotton stabalizes the whole thing and the velvet gives it richness. During the day you will produce a

Boxing Clever

These boxes make brilliant Christmas presents and each one can be completed in a day. You can choose between a surprise box, a box with drawers or a box with

Marvelous Metal Madness

These panels can be made using 4 squares, 6 squares, 8 or 10. They are inexpensive and fairly quick to do. Certainly this day school won't leave you with yet

Christmas Baubles

Spend a day making your own luxurious Christmas baubles either to decorate your home or to give as presents. They are fun to make and their production can be addictive!


This is great fun to do and the results are so attractive that once you have the idea you won't be able to stop making them. Photo albums, sketchbooks even

Mixed Media Montage

Spend the morning trying a wide variety of techniques for preparing your materials and in the afternoon enjoy putting them together to create a small work of art.


An exciting, simple technique using scraps of fabric and beads to make a stunning panel that can be used to make a book cover, cushion or even to embellish clothing.

Silhouette Shuffle

This day course does two things, it allows you to learn how to make an interesting background (choice of three) and also lets you use the Scan and Cut machine

Lively Lino Cutting

This is a really good way to being printmaking. Forget your schooldays experiences - the modern craft linos allow accuracy without pressure. Create a simple design and print on cloth

A Hexi-etui Box

A delightful box which is an extension of a surprise box. It has multiple uses as everything from a sewing box to a make-up valise. Great fun.

Dye Another Day

A one day Procion dying session that will allow you to dye fabrics for your coming projects. Experiment with colour mixing and various means of application to produce stunning cloths