Exciting new design course for 2019

Without City & Guilds (C&G) there is very little design teaching going on and I believe this does embroidery no favours, we are in danger of falling back to roses and cushions.

In order to do a small amount to remedy the situation I am running a course soley on design this year.

There is a popular misconception that to be able to ‘design’ you have to be able to draw. NOT TRUE. Throughout this course people who say that they cannot draw having nothing to fear, your designs will be just as good and as valid as those produced by people with an artistic bent. Some of the units in the course require no artistic drawing at all, others need just a small amount at the outset but STOP WORRYING now!

When you are drawing for design it DOESN’T MATTER whether your work looks like the item you were trying to draw, no one will know. You are not producing a work of fine art – you are getting a starting point for a design. The drawing is just the beginning not an end in itself as it would be if you were painting a picture or taking a photograph.

I no longer aspire to being able to produce an image that looks exactly like my subject – I am after interesting patterns and shapes that I can lift from the drawing to create designs for my work.

There is something emmensely satisfying in producing your own design and working it through to the finished piece. It gives you immeasurably more satisfaction than following a design from a book or a kit and what is more you will know that it is unique and thus no one else will have a piece like it. This course will allow you to achieve this goal. So grasp the nettle, you can do it and the sooner you try the sooner you will be able to say, ‘I made it from my own design’.

The course is in twelve units, three per term, on the following Tuesdays:
2019: 15th Oct; 5th Nov; 26th Nov.
2020: 14th Jan; 4th Feb; 25th Feb; 17th Mar; 7th Apr; 28th Apr; 19th May; 16th Jun and 7th July.

The course is in some ways sequential so students are asked to commit to whole twelve sessions with a deposit of £60. The remainder of the fees can be paid at the start or in three termly tranches of £90.

Please note that like other certificate courses students provide their own lunch. (Microwave available)

City & Guilds in 2020

Firstly City & Guilds (C&G) are still dithering as to whether to offer embroidery qualifications so I am not planning to start a new course this year. However the chances are that I will start one in September 2020.

Even if C&G is no longer offering embroidery qualifications it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t continue to teach this craft to a high standard. To be viable I really need 9 or 10 students so if you have considered doing something like this but have never got around to it now is the moment to make enquiries. Please get in touch via my contact page