Craft/Embroidery Day Schools

Craft Embroidery Day schools are a collection of drop-in classes in order for you to learn basic embroidery skills.

These are given by Lesley Irving and held at the venue below.
They are held mostly on Mondays and Tuesdays between 10am and 4:30pm.
The charge is £35 per day per person and includes coffee and lunch.

(we reserve the right to cancel any day that does not attract 4 or more students)

If you are interested then please telephone or contact me via the contact page


Hill Cottage
Tor Hole
Chewton Mendip

Tel: 01761 241539

01 Oct 2019

Fabulous Folded Books

These folded books are such fun and can make room for an amazing amount of content. The various methods for making colourful covers can also be used for other projects. You will love this.

21 Oct 2019

Christmas Baubles

Spend a day making your own luxurious Christmas baubles either to decorate your home or to give as presents. They are fun to make and their production can become addictive!

11 Nov 2019

Spangle, Stitch and Shine

By using transfoils, hotspots and glitter alongside stencilling, beads and sequins you will make an unusual panel that will not only allow you to try many new techniques but will give you hours of pleasure.

19 Nov 2019

A Touch of Eastern Promise

This is a course for machine embroiderers who have little experience. It is not suitable for beginners. The joy of this project is the scope there is for embellishment; you can really go over the top and it will look fabulous.

There are two basic outlines to choose from both taken from Indian arhitecture. Having created your base you will be free to decorate in anyway you wish. The finished piece will make a wonderful photo or mirror frame or simply a wall decoration, the choice is yours.

02 Dec 2019

Boxing Clever

Come and make an attractive box. You can choose between a Surprise box, a box with Drawers or a box with Trays. Whichever takes your fancy… They make splendid presents and can be completed in a day.



21 Jan 2020

Bling with a Zing

This is great fun and eco-friendly. All the metal is recycled tomatoe paste tubes, start saving them now! It is backed on Kunin felt which is made from used plastic cups. All you need is a sewing machine that will do straight stitch and zig-zag.

03 Feb 2020

Paint, Print, Stamp

This is a really fun day. First you make you own stamps which will last you for years then you will paint backgrounds on paper and/or fabrics to stamp with your own designs. A technique you will use time and time again.

24 Mar 2020


An exciting, simple techique using scraps of fabric and beads to make a stunning panel that can be used to make a book cover, cushion or even to embellish clothing. You can really let your imagination have free rein with this one, you will be surprised how effective it is.

27 Apr 2020

A Cultural Montage

Learn how to create a ‘Celtic Knot’ and then stitch using ‘Italian’ quilting to make a unique and unusual design that can be employed for anything such as the centre of a cot quilt to a cushion cover.

04 May 2020

An Introduction to Free Machine Embroidery – (Part 1)

So many people have asked me to do an introductory day on this. I have been reluctant as it will take you a lot more hours than we have in the day to become proficient. However I have been persuaded…

18 May 2020

An Introduction to Free Machine Embroidery – (Part 2)

A follow on from 4th May. An opportunity to create a piece of work with your new found skills.

22 Jun 2020

Dye Another Day

A one day procean dying session that will allow you to dye fabrics for your coming projects. Experiment with colour mixing and various means of application to produce stunning cloths just crying out to be stitched.